We look forward to seeing you at EAACI 2019 in Lisbon. Download the program of everything we have planned.
Company Sponsored Symposium

4 June, 2019
10:30 - 12:00
Hall 14

Asthma and Food Allergy Management
using Cutting-edge CRD Technology
Chair: Paolo Matricardi, MD, Germany
  • Molecular allergology in asthma - The use of mite and grass pollen components
    Paolo Matricardi, MD, Germany
  • New diagnostic tools for allergy to furry animals and red meat
    Marianne van Hage, MD, Sweden
  • Allergen components in pediatric food allergy diagnosis
    Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn, MD, United States
  • Allergen microarrays and sensitization algorithms for prediction of asthma
    Adnan Custovic, MD, United Kingdom
  • Summary and future directions
    Paolo Matricardi, MD, Germany
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Visit our booth B:06 to learn about the latest advancements in sIgE blood testing

  • ImmunoCAP™ – New furry animal allergen components (Can f 4, Can f 6 & Fel d 7*) to identify IgE sensitization.
  • ImmunoCAP™ ISAC – Updated profile of our multiplex test with allergen components helping you improve diagnosis of food and inhalant allergy.
  • Phadia™ 200 – A new fully automated, benchtop system that brings aid for allergy diagnosis into laboratories with limited space.

Download Program as a reference for the show.

*ImmunoCAP™ Allergen e229, Allergen component rCan f 4, Dog, ImmunoCAP™ Allergen e230, Allergen component rCan f 6, Dog. ImmunoCAP™ Allergen e231, Allergen component rFel d 7, Cat.
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